Our Vision

To be, in collaboration with international experts, the scientific and research reference for the world in the field of narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs and the methods of their control at various levels, and to provide its services for all humanity without distinction or discrimination according to sex, race, color, religion or nationality. So, it endeavors to attract the most important experiences and global research presented in this regard and documents the latest information, articles and studies about drugs and everything related to them, making them available to researchers and specialists, and to the general members of the community in all countries of the world, in order to establish the principle of prevention and awareness based on the foundations of correct knowledge, and to benefit from different human experiences, and to add a big scientific and research value which will help the international efforts in this area, without any consideration for material profit. 

Our Mission

The Global Information Network about Drugs believes that the illicit proliferation of narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs and the prevalence of addiction are a demolishing device for the evolution of the states, and one of the obstacles that delay their progress. It also believes that science is the effective foundation for the application of the principle of prevention and awareness which helps in curbing the problem before it occurs, and that the right knowledge and accurate information are the first and major step upon which all other steps are built in the course of the fight against drugs. 

Therefore, the Network has put in mind to provide an encyclopedic, objective, scientific and multilingual source (Arabic, English, French and Urdu) available on the Internet, which can benefit the experts, the researchers, the specialists and those interested – individuals, organizations, as well as international, governmental and private bodies. It also addresses the general members and segments of society in various countries around the world. 

The network site contains all the information and details relating to narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs, including identifying their types and sources in nature, their common and scientific names, their composition and chemical and physical properties, the places of their cultivation and manufacturing, the methods of their smuggling and proliferation, their distribution among community groups who get addicted to them, and the resulting health, psychological and mental effects on the addicts. The Network sheds light also on the security, legislative, regulatory and legal aspects that are universally applied. It looks into the strategies and plans adopted by the competent authorities in many countries in this regard. As for the social side, the Network deals with the most important studies, research, proposals and solutions that address the effects of drug addiction on the addicts’ psychological and behavioral aspects, and its impact on their relation with their families, businesses and communities, leading to what social ills could arise from that; such as the spread of crime, unemployment and cases of family disintegration. The Network monitors also the views and studies dealing with the economic and political consequences of drug trafficking and the prevalence of addiction in many countries of the world.  

The Network seeks to obtain its scientific and informational content in all its details through the collaboration with leading experts and eminent researchers in this field around the world. It also endeavors to conclude scientific and programmatic partnerships with international, governmental and private organizations concerned with this matter, as well as with research, therapeutic and rehabilitation centers with a long reach in the global fight against drugs.

In order to provide a summary in the global efforts in the fight against drugs, and to find the latest effective means that have been applied, the Network seeks to be a research forum that supports the participation of experts and the international, governmental and private organizations from all related disciplines, in order to exchange experiences and to reach suggestions and informative solutions to the most important obstacles and problems that may arise and may be renewed during the implementation of plans and programs aimed at reducing the spread of drugs and treatment of their effects. 

The Network seeks not to provide an academic content only, but to present a scientific, informational and interactive content that provides an opportunity to the public from all walks of life to put forth notes and queries and supply data, information and views, displaying problems and experiences and receiving solutions and suggestions, so as the services that it offers border on the reality of society and benefit from various human expertise in the fight against drugs.


Our Values

  • Humanitarian: protecting the human being and averting the dangers of drugs from him is our goal and focus of our concern.
  • Global: the Network is a project directed to the service of humanity in all its races, religions and nationalities.
  • Inclusiveness: we explore all the aspects that help us to achieve our sublime mission. 
  • Innovation and creativity: we seek to reach innovative solutions that contribute to the achievement of our goal.
  • Challenge: we realize that we face a big global problem that encompasses many risks and obstacles, but we are determined to confront them and achieve all our objectives which aim at overcoming them.
  • Participation: the basis of our work is to share the global experiences implemented in the fight against drugs and to build international relations in order to reach the best programs and strategies. 
  • Interaction: we rely on communicating with various concerned groups and many experts to reach the best results. 
  • Development and progress: we seek to save important groups in society from the clutches of drugs, which is one of the most important obstacles to progress and development.
  • Purposeful spending: we employ all the necessary resources to succeed and reach our vision which aims at the liberation of the human being from the shackles of drug addiction. 

Our Motto

Towards a world more aware with the dangers of drug ... Can be avoided