Ask the doctor

Your first port of call in dealing with any addiction, whether it is for yourself or for someone you know, should be to talk to a doctor. It can be difficult for an addict to make this first step, which is why in this section you are able to put any questions you might have about addiction to our resident specialist doctor.

Whether you want more information about the effects of certain drugs, potential signs of addiction, treatment options, or you are worried about a friend or relative, you are free to ask here in the strictest confidence, no matter how uncomfortable the question.

Visiting your doctor with addiction problems can be intimidating and embarrassing, and so this service is here to provide honest, non-judgemental advice both for addicts and for those who are concerned about them.

Whilst this service is no substitute for seeing your local doctor in person, who can assess a condition more accurately, prescribe medication and offer more personal advice, it is designed to provide helpful information about drugs for those who may not feel they have anyone they can talk to. Whether you are worried about someone you know, or are concerned that you may have an addiction yourself, we are here to provide impartial help, support and advice.

We are not affiliated with any governmental or religious organisations, and won’t share any of the information you provide us with anyone else. We believe that the most important thing in understanding and dealing with addictive behaviour is through discussion and the sharing of knowledge.

Hopefully this can be the first step in the recovery process.