20th November 2017

Poll: More than half of Germans are opposed to cannabis legalization

63 per cent of the surveyed Germans expressed their opposition to the legalization of cannabis use, compared to only 34 per cent who supported the legalization of cannabis purchase. This issue interests also German political parties.

A recent poll found that about 63 per cent of Germans are opposed to the legalization of cannabis use. While only 34 per cent of respondents believe that adults should be able to purchase cannabis for their own use in specialist shops.

The purchase or possession of cannabis in Germany is prohibited, but doctors are allowed to prescribe cannabis as a painkiller for some patients since the beginning of the current year.

In a related context, the Free Democratic Party and the Green Party are seeking to legalize the consumption of cannabis as part of negotiations to form a governing coalition with the Christian Alliance, which belongs to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who opposes legalization of cannabis abuse.

Moreover, 70 per cent of women in general, 72 per cent of women over 60 and 72 per cent of the supporters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) were against legalizing the possession and purchase of cannabis. 56 per cent of men surveyed said they were also against the legalization of the drug.

On the other hand, 43 per cent of those under the age of 30 supported the legalization of cannabis, as well as 55 per cent of the Left Party, 46 per cent of the Green Party and 41 per cent of the Alternative for Germany Party.

Forsa research institute collected survey results from 1,000 German citizens on November 7th and 8th.

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