11th February 2017

Russian scientists create new treatment that blocks drug effects

The Russian newspaper "Isvestia" reported that Russian scientists have developed a molecule that blocks the feeling of happiness resulting from drug use, which could be the first Russian drug that fights drug addiction.

According to the newspaper, when the medicine gets into the blood stream, the system starts producing antibodies that prevent drugs from reaching the brain. Therefore, the person does not feel the expected high from the drugs.

Scientists say that the new drug could help in the treatment of opioid dependence (heroin, morphine, desomorphine) and could take from one to two years.

Marina Magkova, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Active Ingredients of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that "current medicines cure 10-30% of drug addicts and have many side effects. Our medication completely heals the patient who will not resume drug use after the end of treatment. If the patient is not enjoying drug abuse why will he resume consuming it? "

According to Marina Magkova, it is possible to use the medication for the prevention of future drug addiction. However, this issue can be discussed only after the completion of preclinical tests on laboratory animals which will be launched this year followed by clinical trials.

According to the Russian health Ministry, about 600 thousand drug addicts are currently registered in Russia. However, the Federal drug control service estimates the number of unregistered drug users to be 4-7 million people

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