15th April 2017

Increased heroin addiction rate by 5-fold among Americans over the past decade

A US study on a sample of 80,000 people revealed that heroin use among American adults has increased fivefold over the past decade.

According to "The Guardian" British newspaper, researchers found that this change took place in the new millennium, when the rate of heroin use by American adults at some point in their lives rose from 0.33% to 1.6%, equivalent to US $ 3.8 million.

According to the newspaper "Silvia Martins," director of research at Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia, said that there are more people in America who consume heroin and suffer from addiction on this substance. This phenomenon affects all social categories and different age levels of both sexes.

The study also confirmed that the increased use of heroin in whites is higher than in other races, with a 6-fold increase over the past decade, from 0.34% to 1.9%.

She added that the increased use and addiction on heroin and other narcotic substances in the United States is a disturbing crisis for politicians, doctors and the public as well. 91 Americans die every day because of an overdose on narcotic substances, and the deaths associated with heroin overdoses doubled four times between 2002 and 2013.

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