19th April 2017

From China: "Salvia" a new drug invades the Tunisian market

The national unit for research of terrorists and organized crimes that threaten national security has been able to counteract a smuggling attempts of narcotic substances from China.

In the light of information received from a person residing in Tunisia, the unit suspected that a parcel containing 114.8 grams of narcotic substance from China was on board of a carrier company. The unit seized the parcel in question and arrested its receiver.

The suspect admitted his activity within a group, consisting of his brother and another person, dealing in the smuggling of raw narcotic substance into Tunisia. Then, they mix the raw substance with other products to obtain a narcotic substance known by "Salvia" that his brother was able to purchase through a website. The suspect also added that his brother has substantial quantities of this substance in his residence in the northern suburbs.

After his arrest, the brother confirmed the statements of the first inmate, adding that he sold the narcotic substance in question for 2000 dinars per 20 grams, in addition to other narcotic substances including marijuana and cannabis.

The third party involved in the same case was also arrested and he confessed his activity within the group in the field of manufacturing and promoting "Salvia" drugs. He admitted in the same context that he traveled to a Maghreb country in December 2016 in order to coordinate with another person to smuggle quantities of cannabis into Tunisia.

Moreover, tests carried out on seized products in coordination with the Technical and Scientific Police Department concluded that it is a synthetic substance similar to the cannabis drug but has stronger and more dangerous effects which can cause poisoning and death.

Concerned persons were transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office of the First Instance Court of Tunisia 1 that issued against them a warrant of committal to prison

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