8th July 2017

Saudi Arabia: forced treatment for 7600 drug addicts

The Saudi Drug Control Committee "Nebras" managed the transfer of 7,600 addicted patients to forced treatment centers. The Secretary-General of the Committee, Abdullah Al-Sharif, considered this achievement as an evidence of increased community awareness of the need to treat children, while predicting that demand for treatment and prevention will grow considerably in the coming years.

According to "Al-Watan", the Secretary-General of the National Drug Control Committee, Abdullah Al-Sharif, revealed the coordination with foreign and Saudi investors to create drugs addiction treatment hospitals in several regions of the Kingdom, noting that the private sector will contribute to the establishment of the mental health hospital for the treatment of drug addiction in Riyadh, and that there is a cooperation with investors to build a hospital for the treatment of addiction in Taif.

He stressed that the country needs 6 hospitals for the treatment of drug addiction while indicating that training programs and national capacity building in the kingdom for imams, officers and Saudi customs inspectors will resume after Eid in order to meet the country's needs for trainers at the level of the Kingdom to deploy training programs in all government agencies.

In addition, Al-Sharif noted that the number targeted by the capacity building program is 100 000 children and 59 000 trainers. He also stated that there are many drug addicts who have taken the initiative to undergo treatment through the "Nebras" programs, while stating that - through programs and training courses - community outreach of the dangers of drugs increased, and for the first time the 1955 help number received up to 42 000 calls for consultation and forced treatment transfer.

Al-Sharif explained that the majority of families ask for advice on how to detect early signs of addiction in their children or how to protect children from the dangers of drugs. He also noted that 7,600 addicts were transferred to forced treatment centers, which increasingly emphasizes the company's awareness of the treatment of children, while predicting that "Nebras" will have a greater role in the coming years in the demand for treatment and prevention against the risks of addiction.

The Secretary-General of the National Committee on Drugs said that the Nebras project was launched two years ago and "we expect that after three years of its launch, the percentage of drug use will fall by 35% in the Kingdom through the concerted efforts of all public and private sectors, and most recently with the participation of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs through the opening of mosques and the preparation of programs for 128 imams."

He added that the national project "Nebras" for the prevention of drugs organized during the month of Ramadan awareness-raising competitions in 43 mosques throughout the Kingdom for a period of 15 days during which 1300 prizes were awarded . The event had a significant interaction between the faithful and the children and a program was planned for those who were at the southern border of Jazan and Najran.

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