9th July 2017

UN: Turkey ranks first worldwide in terms of drug use

In their report on world’s drugs use rates, the United Nations ranked Turkey at the top European level in terms of mortality rates due to the consumption of narcotic drugs.

The Turkish opposition newspaper "Zaman" quoted Koltegen Ujjal, one of the famous Turkish experts in the field of drug addiction, who spoke about the United Nations report by stating that in recent years there has been an increase in the rate of use of narcotic substances.

Ujjal noted that the causes of the use of narcotic substances are no longer similar to those of 2005, where the main causes up to that date were due to socio-economic factors; but after 2005, they stemmed from poor urbanization as new cities have emerged while being accompanied by a lack of social and cultural potential.

Moreover, the expert said that Turkey ranks high on the list of deaths due to the drug abuse of children under 18 years of age, adding that the United Nations report is based on deaths directly related to the use of narcotic substances without taking into consideration the cases where death is indirectly caused by drug abuse.

Ujjal also noted that the Turkish authorities hide reports on the use of narcotic substances to public opinion, while international reports indicate that the synthetic drug Bonzai is the most widely consumed narcotic substance in Turkey.

He explained that the addict to narcotic substances needs 21 days to get rid of toxins that have entered his body, while pointing out that Turkey’s medicare does not support treatment costs but only creates addiction treatment clinics, which increases the difficulty of stopping drug use due to economic conditions.

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