6th August 2017

KSA: “Drug Control” warns a famous Saudi artist against performing the "Dab Dance "

The Saudi Committee for the Control of Narcotic Drugs issued a warning to a famous Saudi artist for performing the "Dab Dance" in one of his musical concerts during the Eid period in the Kingdom.

The Secretary General of the Committee, AbduIlah al-Sharif, explained that the "Dab Dance " was unintentionally performed by one of the artists, pointing out that this kind of dance encourages the use of drugs as it is practiced by the world’s famous drug addicts, which influences children and young people who imitate them.

Abdullah al-Sharif added that he hope that this artist understands the meaning of these movements and takes advantage of his presence on stages to disclose a drug awareness message. He pointed out that if the artists repeats this act, the committee will communicate with him and explain to him the initial meaning of this movement.

It should be noted that the National Narcotics Control Committee issued a similar warning to a football player as the Dab dance encourages the consumption of cannabis.

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