8th August 2017

Swedish police warn against the consumption of a new drug

The Swedish anti-drug police has warned against the use of a type of ecstasy pills, after recording several serious cases among many persons following its consumption.

The head of the Stockholm anti-drug brigade, Lennart Carlson, said: "We need to encourage people not to use this drug."

The police have warned the population against this new type of ecstasy or MDMA pills, whose effect is 30 times more potent than same pills of the nineties.

During the Gärdet festival last June, the police were informed that five people had suffered from serious illness after consuming these pills.

Carlson said, "Today we see that these pills are much stronger than ten years ago, which is a disturbing thing. "

He also explained that the police is unable to confiscate all drugs, adding, "We have to work smart, but before we have to urge people not to take these drugs."

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