10th October 2017

The fad of abusing medications as an alternative to drugs

The Voodoo

The Voodoo is a type of Indian hemp, distinguished by its light green color and is generally smoked. It contains substances called Atropine, Eosin and Histamine that hijack the nervous system, doping it completely, which results in severe congestion,  facial redness, wheezing voice and pupils dilation. When its effect dissipates, the abuser experiences an increase in audio-visual hallucinations.

In addition, the Voodoo, recently listed in the drug table, causes loss of appetite resulting in weight loss, general weakness, lack of energy and vitality, imbalance, gastrointestinal disturbance, bloating, gastritis, liver inflation and the erosion of millions of neurons. This narcotic substance also causes angina, hypertension, anemia and leads to temporary memory loss and visual hallucinations.


Tramadol is a type of analgesic derived from morphine,. It is classified as the No. 2 painkillers and is prescribed by the doctor for severe pain after surgeries and to relieve the pain of cancer patients.

Tramadol, considered to be an effective treatment for a number of diseases, is unfortunately used by some people for other purposes whose effects are less harmful than the long-term use of this drug. Among the reasons for using this medication is stimulation of the body especially for drivers and those whose work requires considerable physical effort during long hours."

The damage caused by tramadol is numerous, it can cause muscle spasms similar to the epilepsy symptoms, difficulty in breathing, liver failure and also lead to brain cells damage.

Xanax tablets

The excessive and abusive use of Xanax tablets can lead to addiction and even death in the event of a dose increase. Therefore, the sale of this drug without a doctor's prescription is considered illegal, so it was added to schedule 4 of the list of controlled substances.

The drug in question was used intensively and without warnings in the 1980s and 1990s, but it subsequently proved to be addictive. Therefore, doctors have become more cautious in prescribing it. Moreover, it is not sold without doctor’s prescription and is not recommended for continuous use.


Imodium is used in the treatment of severe diarrhea because it contains the active "Loperamide" substance, a derivative of opioids. This drug can be abused when drug addicts take a large number of capsules to achieve euphoria accompanied by hallucinations.


Flurest tablets contain narcotic substances such as Chlorpheniramine, an antiallergic substance and Phenylephrine, a vasodilator, as well as the analgesic Paracetamol, to treat the symptoms of colds and flu.

These tablets are crushed by drug addicts who subsequently consume them by injection, alone or after mixing them with heroin either with water or with eyes drop to ensure high level of hallucinations.

"Medialipide" eye drop

"Medialipide" eye drops are used to dilate the eye fundus during surgery, but drug addicts use it as raw drugs or with heroin.

"Medialipde" eye drops contain the "Tropicamide" substance and when used intravenously as a drug, they cause the following symptoms: total body paralysis for 15 to 20 minutes, loss of consciousness, persistent vomiting, stuttering, dry mouth, rash, changes in behaviors with heart rhythm disorder, facial redness, auditory and visual hallucinations with a feeling of permanent fatigue and lethargy.

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