6th November 2017

Beware the secret names of Captagon!

Watch out and beware, there are secret names to Captagon in popular dialect, used by drug consumers in order to fool those around, and hide their drug use or addiction from them.

Here’s a list of common Captagon related secret codes used: "Lime (Limouni), Nuclear (Nawawi), Lexus, Ghost (Shabah), The German (Lalmani), Powder (Al-Ghabrah), Riad’s daughter (Bint Riyadh), Purple (Al-banafsagi), Almond (Louzi), Dafni, White (Labydh), Eye of the Bear (Ain Dob), Abu Fahja, Abu Massha, Abu Riha, Abu Assahar, Orange (Al-bortokala), Fallujah.

Moreover, Captagon pills also have other names such as: Abu Kawsin, Qadhoum, Chickpeas (Homs), Halawa, Lajaj, Laja, Chadad, Abu Milaf, Datsun, Chalk (Tabachir), Ya msaharni, Daasa, Slater Mouallaq, Takayof, Talghima, Trileks, Charge (Zèkhir), Pilot (Attayar), Plunger (Alghawas), Invisible (Al-Mutakhaffi), King, King (Almalek), Abu Tèj, Beethoven, Intelligent (Al-Dhaki), Abu Zahra, Chammem, Scented (Itri), Volkswagen, Brand, Jasmine (Al-Fol), Addachi, Mime (Mlaghem), Mrawaq, Mdhakerni, Nadherni, Fachq, Sajmeh, Shmagh Al-Bassam, Rawi, Qadhma, Mraweq, Kif, Halawin, Takfa, Rabbit (Al-Arnab).

It should be noted that there are terms, names and expressions used by addicts to drugs and psychotropic substances with those around them, drug addicts or non-addicts to describe their condition when dealing with them. This is also a secret language with a special code. Here are some examples:

- Mohabib, Moqdm, User (Mostâmil): is the person who consumes the narcotic pills, including Captagon.

- Maska, Maskah maou: means that the user repeats the same action as washing the car several times, this phenomenon is scientifically called "Punding".

- Mochafir: describes the state of the user when he begins to hallucinate and imagine things that do not exist, like insects moving under his skin.

- Creak (Dharas, Yadhars): describes the user when he begins to cringe or move his jaws horizontally for no reason.

- In suspension (Taâliqa, Motaâlliq): to describe the addict who takes an incomplete dose of narcotic pills.

- Foukouk, Fakak, Fakat, Fakah maou: describes the addict who suffers from withdrawal symptoms of amphetamine substances concentrated in the body, including the narcotic Captagon substance.

- Cheating, Cheated (Ghich, Maghchouch, Mlagham, Talghim): describes diluting a narcotic pill in a drink and giving it to someone without his knowledge. Most often, pills are mixed with tea, coffee, juice or soft drinks.

- Daffah, Dafiah, Haq rass: means offering narcotic pills to someone else; most often the intermediary between the buyer and the seller gets the “daffah”.

- Intensifiers (Mochaddadat): means things that increase the strength of the effect of the narcotic substance, including Captagon, such as high temperature, drinking tea or hot coffee, falling air temperature, energy drinks or tobacco.

- Loaded (zekhir): a label given to someone who has a large quantity of Captagon for sale. It also refers to the Captagon seller who consumes this substance excessively.

- Mofakkhekat: means the things supposed to decrease the drug effect according to drug addicts, especially the effect of Captagon, such as drinking milk, lemon, other citrus fruits and the use of cannabis. Users also have a misconception that sex helps to reduce the effect of drugs and Captagon.

Sophist (sophi): a person who has never tried drugs.      

But the question remains: how can we identify an addict?

Dr. Ayed Ali Al-Humaidan

International Expert in the field of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

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