12th November 2017

Learn about the signs revealed by Captagon users

A question comes to my mind before talking about the signs revealed by Captagon users: who are the people who consume Captagon? I think the answer to this question is not very difficult because those who consume Captagon are the ones who had the illusion that this substance will make them more efficient, euphoric, happy, with a boosted memory, strength and energy. This category of persons includes:

- Some school and university students during the exam period.

- Some trucks and taxis drivers who travel long distances behind the wheels.

- Some athletes who want to get better results, since captagon is a stimulant.

- Some people who want to lose weight since Captagon reduces food cravings.

- Some people who work for long hours especially at night.

- It is used in some festivals, especially weddings as a joke (putting it in other people’s tea or coffee without their knowledge), or it is used by addicts themselves to live a state of dissociation from reality.

- Some consume it to achieve happiness, but it turns quickly into a state of depression.

- Some poets and singers use it to create a false artistic atmosphere.

To identify the Captagon user, you should know that each drug causes visible signs on its consumer. These signs and marks differ from one drug to another depending on the strength of its impact and the length of the period of its consumption. Among these signs we note:

1 - The user becomes hyper-active, he speaks a lot displaying signs of instability.

2- He shows anxiety, nervousness and a feeling of psychological rebellion, persecution and impatience. He doubts others, which leads him to commit acts of violence without reason.

3 - He scratches his nose a lot due to the dryness of the oral mucosa.

4 - His mouth gives off unpleasant odors and his lips appear sometimes cracked, so he moisturizes them with his tongue.

5 - His pupil dilates and becomes sensitive to reflective lights.

6 - He loses his appetite and suffers from disturbances in his digestive system.

7- His body secretes more sweats.

8 - He lacks concentration, his memory weakens, making him unable to think adequately and leading him thus to instability.

9. After stopping narcotic substance consumption, he might start to have suicidal tendencies.

10 - He is unable to sleep,  and lives in a state of fatigue and extreme tension due to the presence of stimulating substances in his body.

11 - He grinds his teeth and smokes eagerly.

12 - He suffers from hypertension and increased heart rate.

13. He has nausea and vomiting due to loss of appetite, but his appetite increases as soon as the drug’s effect ends.

14 - He has disturbed senses, shaking hands, and he imagines he can hear voices that do not exist.

15 - Drug user is identified through a urinalysis, which is effective from 3 to 6 days from the date of the last dose taken.

But after listing these signs, the only reliable way to confirm addiction is the medical examination that must be done very quickly to cure Captagon or other narcotic substances before the patient's case worsens causing damage to his brain cells or death.

Dr. Ayed Ali Al-Humaidan - International expert in the field of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

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