13th November 2017

Egypt: The Electronic Dealer... Online Pages For Drugs Promotion

In a flagrant act that defies law and society, some drug traffickers have resorted to promoting their toxins through social networking sites. "Al-Badil" tracked a number of web pages where the sale of narcotics have taken place, including the "Karakib Suez" page that promoted during the last Adha Eid "Cannabis for the Eid", in addition to other pages such as "Planet Krypton" and "Weed".

These sites’ activity is not limited to the sale of traditional drugs like Cannabis, but they promote new types of narcotics, like the "Flakka" nicknamed by some the "zombie" drug because of its impact on the human body. It began first to spread accross the United States and is made in China and Southeast Asia. This narcotic is composed of hallucinogenic substances and its effect is similar to that of cocaine and Amphetamines. It helps to increase the dopamine hormone of joy, and the adrenaline hormone, which increases heart rate, body temperature and respiratory rate. This drug causes hallucinations, violent attacks, aggressive tendencies and the user begins to bang his head against cars and all solid objects.

The legal expert, Dr. Ahmed Mehran, confirmed that the spread of the online drugs sale is a crime in every sense of the word and a new method of selling. He emphasized that the act of advertising the drugs sale is a crime punishable by law, as it consists of a crime related to drugs use incitment.

Mehran explained that the Internet Crimes Act No. 113 of 2005 sets out penalties for misuse that can harm the interests of the state and promote or incite to committing crimes. At the same time, he stressed that despite the legal criminalization of these acts "We do not have specialized equipment to monitor the Internet, especially those pages that could harm society, although the security services are keen to monitor political crimes but they do not care about criminal offenses ".

In addition, a number of drug treatment physicians warned against the circulation of drugs faster than before because of their promotion in modern ways, including the Internet.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammad, former head of the addiction unit at Abbasside Hospital, said that promoting drugs has become easier than ever. Indeed, drugs were previously sold and bought indirectly in fear, but now things have become easier and faster as if drugs were legally permitted products and this is a very serious problem.

Hammad added that the image of the former "dealer" has changed, drug traffickers have exceeded all limits. He noted the existence of more than one web page that literally displays "All kinds of drugs are available here" which is a clear advertisement that is a real challenge to the law, he says. Dr. Abdul Rahman Hammad explained that the January 25 revolution and the imbalance that occurred as a result of the lack of security led significantly to the entry drug; hence the drug trade became very abundant in Egypt. This led to the emergence of these web pages run by drug traffickers on social networks, and he said: Unfortunately, controlling these pages by anti-drug devices is a very hard thing.

Abdullah added that these web pages are based on anonymity, the founder of the page is anonymous and he created it through an anonymous email address as well. When the communication between the customer and the merchant takes place, it is the latter who chooses the most secure place and time to avoid being arrested. He stressed that it is the responsibility of every person who stumbles upon such pages to inform at once relevant authorities and the police, which in turn must immediately identify and stop these drug promoters, regardless of legal or security considerations.

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