18th November 2017

All you need to know about Flakka

Flakka drug is produced in China and was recently marketed in the US. It is considered far more dangerous than cocaine and heroin, and has dramatically spread recently. Flakka is a very powerful psychostimulant that turns its consumers into a zombie and cannibal.

What are Flakka pills?

Flakka pills are a type of drug that turns the individual completely away from reality. The scientific name of these pills is "Alpha-PVP" (Alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone) and sometimes they are called Gravel. Initially, Flakka was sold on the Internet through the online service and is manufactured in China and India. This drug looks similar to white grains of salt and is composed of a mixture of several harmful chemicals. Flakka pills are consumed similarly like other drugs; through smoking, electronic cigarettes or through traditional methods such as inhalation, sniffing, injection or by placing them under the tongue.

The effect of Flakka on the human being

One of the most common symptoms known to the Flakka user is the sensation of intense heat where body temperature can rise up to 41 degrees Celsius. This heat generates in the user strange behaviors, such as tearing his clothes or running in the streets as if there were ferocious animals that chasing him. The consumer of these pills experiences extraordinary strength due to increased levels of adrenaline. Flakka pills contain very toxic substances that can lead to death due to kidney damage or increased heart rate with high blood pressure. It also causes severe hearing and sight hallucinations with a keen sense of hyperactivity that lead to violence or suicide.

After the spread of the Flakka pills in the United States, some US reports have shown that there were 38 cases of use of this drug in 2013. Then, the figure increased to 228 cases in 2014 and 275 cases in the first third of 2015. Flakka's consumption statistics were limited in only four states in America: Texas, Ohio, Florida and Tennessee. After these alarming statistics, the National Institute of Drug Addiction declared that the human being completely lost his wit after only three consumptions of this narcotic.

It should be noted that the Florida police reported that they ordered the execution of a person in 2014 for attacking teenagers and trying to bite them in the face. The police then discovered that there was a strong correlation between the occurrence of such cases and the use of Flakka pills.

How were Flakka pills banned?      

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it is having trouble monitoring the entry of Flakka narcotic pills in the country because drug traffickers place their order online and receive them by mail. These transactions occur despite the fact that Flakka pills are banned in the United States.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia issued orders and guidelines that were published in the "Okaz" Saudi newspaper stating that anyone who tried to import or export Flakka pills must be punished, adding that maximum penalty will be imposed on their importer, manufacturer, grower, consumer and producer.

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