30th November 2017

Another State Legalizes the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Peru followed the example of Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina to become the fifth country in Latin America to legalize the use of the cannabis plant for medical purposes.

"Peru is turning many pages and moving towards modernity, and this law is an important step because it dispels prejudices and myths," said Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kosinski on Thursday.

The adoption of the law was preceded by a wide controversy. Its supporters insist that they do not call for the cannabis use, but allow only to extract the substances used to relieve pain.

Persons who intend to benefit from this law must register their names officially after receiving a certificate from a doctor.

It should be recalled that the government proposed this bill in February following the request of mothers of children with refractory diseases, such as cancer and epilepsy, whose other painkillers were not very helpful .

The first country in Latin America to legalize cannabis is Uruguay, which in 2013 was the first country in the world to legalize the cultivation, production, sale and use of cannabis.

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