4th December 2017

Turkey to monitor waste water to detect drugs

Ankara: Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag announced the start of a new campaign against drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, noting the launch of drug research in cities’ sewers.

In response to questions from Hakan Chalik on CNN, Akdag explained that they led the first phase of this campaign in the city of Adana given the possibility of separately analyzing the proportion of drugs used in its wastewater, noting that they will pursue those who secrete drugs from their bodies.

Akdag pointed out that the pursuit of these people in the big cities has been launched.

The list of new procedures includes the following:

- The establishment of solidarity centers whose infrastructure has been installed with the Green Crescent and which will have the approval of the Ministry of Health. Now citizens can call number 191 and receive information 24 hours a day.

- The increase in the number of alcohol and drug treatment centers, which will be rehabilitated for a period of 3 to 9 months with regular follow-up.

- The establishment of a Superior Council for the fight against addiction that will include groups fighting against drug addiction, alcohol, cigarettes and technological dependence.

Cigarette addiction rates have again increased

On the other hand, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that after the decline in cigarette dependence rates from 32% to 27%, rates have recently increased by 30%, underlining that the new taken measures will reduce again this percentage.

"There is no noticeable increase in antidepressant use rates," Akdag added, explaining that relevant usage rates increase when awareness increases.

Recep Akdag also said that in the past, people were reluctant to see psychiatrists or they did not notice it, but currently they do not feel embarrassed to consult a psychiatrist.

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