24th December 2017

Addiction treatment consultant: 6.2 million Egyptians consume drugs

Ehab El-Kharrat, a consultant in psychiatry and drug treatment, said that 6.2% of Egyptians are addicted to narcotics  substances according to the narcotic addiction standards.

Al-Kharrat explained, during his talk on "Salat Al-tahrir" program aired Tuesday night on “Sada Al-Balad” satellite that the latest research in this area was recently published. He noted that this research studied a sample of 100,000 Egyptian citizens from all governorates, and found that 6.2% of them consume narcotic substances.

On the other hand, Al-Kharrat pointed out that in 2011, 3 million Egyptians were using drugs, noting that America, ranked among the countries most addicted to alcohol, records a percentage of drug use ranging from 5 to 8%, and Egypt averages this percentage.

It should be noted that the Fight against Drugs and Organized Crime, and in coordination with the General Directorate for securing the axis of the Suez Canal, succeeded in thwarting a smuggling attempt of 3 million and 750 000 narcotic pills in a container inside a commercial vessel.

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