25th December 2017

An international drug expert warns against anabolic steroids

Many experts warned against the use of steroids to increase muscle mass in order to attract the attention and admiration of others. Everyone should be aware that steroids in general have a direct harmful effect on health, whether taken orally or through injections as they cause serious long-term illnesses, such as infertility and cancer, as well as the lack of blood sugar and the reduction in thyroid functions.

A study at the University of Kuwait found that taking synthetic steroid hormones is considered a gateway to cancer, infertility and liver cirrhosis.

The study showed that about 30% of young people attending health clubs take hormones and steroids despite their negative effects on the body, as they cause liver cells damage and they weaken sperms, induce enlargement of the prostate and cause swelling of the breast area. The study prepared by the professor of food and nutrition at the College of Life Sciences at the University of Kuwait, Dr. Rashid Ahmed Lafi to determine the prevalence of hormone intake among youth in clubs also showed that about 77% of users are under 29 years old, and the majority have a high school level education or even less.

The study also showed that hormone users spend monthly on the consumption of these products what is equivalent to 200 Kuwaiti Dinars, and that about 42% of young people buy steroids directly from coaches in sports clubs and not from specialty shops or pharmacies.

On the other hand, the natural hormonal causes that lead to infertility are those related to a disorder in the pituitary gland functions at the core of the brain or other glands affecting the function of the testes, such as the thyroid and adrenal glands and the pancreas. Hence, anabolic steroid consumers, will inevitably suffer from abnormal dysfunctions that lead to chronic diseases in the functions of these glands. Their effects do not stop at infertility but lead to cancerous cells inflation and weakening in the body strength over time. Furthermore, among the damage related to the abuse of these substances, we find that muscles weight increases, increasing thus body weight, which causes heart diseases and leads to the cirrhosis of some muscles due to the overload on the heart muscles. This is not to mention that steroids contribute to the alteration of body shape, low libido, as well as insomnia and mental and nervous stress.

Dear youth, life is not in body shapes that change with drugs and stimulants, but rather in work, health and the building of a healthy body.

Dr. Ayed Ali Al-Humaidan

International expert in the field of drugs and psychotropic substances

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