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Rehabilitation and Medical Centers

Faculty Hospital Bratislava


A private hospital that offers addiction treatment, amongst other medical services.

Contact Address:

Faculty Hospital Bratislava
Kramáre - Ľ. Dérera, 5 Limbova ST.,
Phone: +421-2- 59541 111


Faculty Hospital Bratislava - is one of Slovakia's longest and largest hospitals for children and adolescents with 280 planned beds and day hospital treatment courses.

National Narcotics Control Authorities


National Health Information Center (NHIC)

Contact/ address:

Lazaretská 26, 811 09 Bratislava 1, SLOVAKIA
Tel. +421 2 5726 9311
Fax +421 2 5726 9306

National Health Information Center (NHIC) is a state contributory organization, which is established by The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Center within the frame of its activity collaborates with institutions as the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the Health Care Surveillance Authority, the Public Health Authority of the Slovak republic, the State Institute for Drug Control, institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, hospitals, health facilities, chambers, professional health companies, health insurance companies and medical faculties.

National Narcotics Control Strategies and Security Plans


Slovakia Republic National Drugs Strategy 2009 - 2012



Published Authority:

Government of the Slovak Republic



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Narcotics control regulations and laws


Slovakia, The possession of drugs for own consumption Sections 171 and 135 of the Criminal Code No. 300/2005

Trafficking in drugs Section 172 of the Criminal Code No. 300/2005

Published Authority:

Ministry of Justice



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Facts and stats

  • The latest estimates for the problem drug user (PDU) population were calculated using the multiplier method, with data from users of harm reduction programmes aged 15–64.
  • Cocaine is rarely used in Slovakia, and so the definition is in effect limited to injecting drug users (IDUs) and regular users of opioids and/or pervitin (methamphetamine powder).
  • In 2008 it was estimated that around 10 600 people (range: 8 200–33 500) were problem drug users, or 2.7, 2.1–8.5 per 1 000 inhabitants aged 15–64.
  • For the same year, there were estimated to be 4 000–9 800 opioid users (approximately 46 % of the estimated population of PDUs) and 2 500–9 900 pervitin users.
  • After 1989 Slovakia gradually became a transit point on the routes through which several drugs are illegally transported.

Governmental / Non-governmental Associations

The National Monitoring Center for Drugs



Address & Contact:

The National Monitoring Center for Drugs
Limbová 2, a PO Box 52, 837 52 Bratislava 37
Tel. +421-2-59-373-237
Fax +421-2-59-373-167

The national focal point in Slovakia is located within the General Secretariat for Drug Dependence and Drug Control at the Office of the Government, and plays a central role in Ireland's drug information system. The Secretariat has broad supervisory and data collection responsibilities, and liaises with other drug-related institutions.