The General Assembly Global Programme of Action

This 100-page document was created to address the concerns of member states, who were alarmed at accessions that held up the 1988 Convention. In 1990 the Assembly held a special four-day session with the aim of adopting a Political Declaration that outlined the international community’s determination to fight drug trafficking. The document focused on the link between drug trafficking and the economic and social conditions in the countries that were predominantly responsible for the production of the raw materials such as opiates and coca. It also highlighted the correlation between the drugs trade and international terrorism that transcended geographical borders.

The document contains proposals that are designed to encourage co-operation between countries by examining a range of factors including the social trends that generate a demand for drugs and developing international plans to prevent money laundering operations that are directly connected to the drugs trade.

This document has far-reaching potential, as rather than looking at the drugs trade in isolation, it puts it into context with other major issues such as government corruption, poverty and the growing threat of international terrorism that is funded by the drugs trade. It also encourages law enforcement and other interested parties to use all available means of locating and destroying cash crops through the use of high-resolution satellite imaging and aerial photography.

The purpose of the Plan of Action is also to encourage a flow of information between countries to develop a concerted and integrated method of fighting the international drugs trade. Ultimately, it is hoped that the Plan of Action will bring regional and national legislation into line with the various UN treaties on drug control.